How KidsEdu improves preschool teachers’ STEM teaching competence with ToT

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In preschool STEM education, the quality of teaching is pivotal to the program’s success. For maximum effectiveness, preschool teachers need to be equipped with well-crafted lesson plans, advanced teaching methods, and ongoing expert support.

Recognizing this acute need among Vietnamese preschool teachers, KidsEdu not only provides modern STEM teaching methodologies and learning tools but also supports teachers and preschools throughout the implementation of the KidsEdu STEM program with professional support sessions in our Training of Teachers (ToT) program. The ToT program ensures the quality and consistency of lessons and help teachers in developing their professional skills, and confidence with new topics.

After two years conducting multiple ToT sessions, we’ve identified five key success factors to enhance preschool teachers’ STEM teaching competence in the KidsEdu ToT program:

  1. Curriculum Consultation and Q&A Sessions

KidsEdu prioritizes listening to and addressing all teachers’ queries regarding the curriculum. Through professional discussions, KidsEdu master teachers help other teachers to delve deeply into the content and teaching strategies, thereby helping them mastering the necessary knowledge and skills to execute the program effectively.

  1. Professional Support for Schools

KidsEdu offers detailed guidance on implementing lesson content. From planning to classroom execution, teachers receive dedicated support, boosting their confidence and ensuring educational quality.

  1. Recommendations for Alternative Activities and Materials

Acknowledging the varying local conditions and contexts, KidsEdu suggests suitable alternative activities and materials. This flexibility allows teachers to organize lessons effectively and optimize available resources, encourage them to use their creativity and resourcefulness to the fullest.

  1. Detailed Guidance on Complex Topics

For challenging topics, KidsEdu provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions, ensuring that teachers can easily understand and apply the concepts. This support ensures the effective and consistent delivery of each lesson, resulting in optimal learning outcomes for young students.

  1. Sharing Pedagogical Experiences and Activities

KidsEdu organizes professional development sessions where preschool teachers can share and learn from their colleagues’ experiences and acquire essential skills such as classroom management and engaging children’s interest. Additionally, KidsEdu creates a platform for teachers to exchange creative ideas, enhancing the curriculum and enriching the educational experience for children. This collaborative environment fosters continuous improvement and innovation in teaching methods.

With steadfast support and collaboration throughout the teaching process, KidsEdu is helping preschool teachers and kindergartens create an effective, and creative learning environment for young children.

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