How we enable people with disabilities access this website

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With the goal to make content of our website more accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, we have applied a number of recommendations from the Web Contents Accessibility Guidelines – the WCAG (source: Web Accessibility Initiative – WAI) in the design of this website, specifically as follows:

  1. If one needs to zoom in/out and change font size in a web post

Most web browsers allow you to increase and decrease the size of text, images, and other web page content using a “zoom” feature. Some browsers allow you to choose to zoom only the text size.

To change the zoom level in most browsers, press the following two keys simultaneously:

  • In Windows, Linux and Chrome OS: To zoom in further: “Ctrl” and “+” key; to zoom in smaller: “Ctrl” and “-” keys
  • Mac operating system:To zoom in further: “⌘” and “+” keys; to zoom in and out: keys “⌘” and “-“
  1. If one needs to change the reading view

Most browsers offer a “Reader View” or “Reading View” that shows just the main content; it gets rid of navigation, ads, etc. Some browsers let you set the text font, text size, text color, background color, and line spacing in Reader View.

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