STEM Lesson Plan: Topic “What do plants need for their growth” with sub-topic “The apple tree of the mouse brothers”

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Through topic “What do plants need for their growth?” and the sub-topic “The apple tree of the mouse brothers”, children will gain skill and knowledge with beneficial lesson. The suggested learning objectives are:  

  • Children remember the name of the story, the content of the story and some simple dialogues. 
  • Train children’s attention and memory ability. 
  • Language development: Children remember and repeat simple dialogues. 
  • Consolidate practice of the number 3 and counting to 3. 
  • Love and participate in artistic activities. 
  • Practice being careful and meticulous.  

Teachers and parents, if you are looking for ideas and instructions on how to organize preschool STEM Robotics activities for your classroom, or for your children to have fun at home, this is the lesson/activity plan for you. Download the lesson plan here. 



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