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KidsEdu is proud to be a partner and co-sponsor of the project “Engaging Vietnamese preschool and school students in climate action education, through interactive, immersive online learning experiences about the wetland ecosystem in Vietnam”.

This project is an initiative by the Vietnamese NGO Center for Family Health and Community Development (CFC), in partnership with Vietnam Association for Nonpublic Preschool Education (VANPPE), Viettel High Tech (VHT) and KidsEdu. Starting with a strong conviction that students at all levels, from preschool to high school students in Vietnam should have open access to actionable climate change education, through interactive, rich, and appropriate online learning experiences, the project team plans to: 

  • Make the learning resources developed in this initiative Open Educational Resources (OER), for open access and use by all students and teachers nationwide.
  • Best practices in developing climate change education contents are widely promoted and shared, starting with the initiative “virtual learning tour to Xuan Thuy National Park” for schools in every province in Vietnam to use as reference and develop locality-specific climate change education contents in the “Local Education” curriculum (Giáo dục về địa phương).

Since 2018, the national school curriculum approved by Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam has included experiential learning in each grade level, including visits to national parks for students. However, due to limited resources, not all school students can visit national parks in person. 

With this virtual learning platform, teachers and students from anywhere in Vietnam can experience a “virtual tour” to national parks, starting with Xuan Thuy National Park, learn about the importance of wetland ecosystem conservation and climate action. 

Starting June 2024, the project builds an interactive (360 degree) online learning platform showing primary school students and preschool students the importance of ecosystem conservation and protection, starting with developing a 360-degree on-line learning portal of the Xuan Thuy National Park in Nam Dinh, Vietnam. 

Watch this space in the coming months for interesting virtual tours and other educational resources for Vietnamese teachers and students: Virtual STEM tours to wetland national parks.

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