Report “Computational Thinking for an Inclusive World: A Resource for Educators to Learn and Lead”

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This report, commissioned by Digital Promise (also known as the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies, a non-profit organization based in the US) in 2021, comprises two calls to action for educators to design inclusive computing learning opportunities for their students: (1) integrate computational thinking into disciplinary learning, and (2) build capacity for computational thinking with shared leadership and professional learning.

In the US, opportunities to learn computational thinking are important to all students—not only the ones who will eventually study computer science or enter the information technology industry. However, large inequalities continue to exist in access to equipment and learning opportunities needed to build computational thinking skills for students that experience marginalization.

Inspired by the frameworks, strategies, and examples of inclusive computational thinking integration, readers can take away practical implications to reach learners in their contexts. Link to the summary of this report is here.

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