KidsEdu applauds and supports the 2024 STEM Creative Contest by Panasonic Vietnam

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The 2024 STEM Creative Contest, launched by Panasonic Vietnam and partners on April 17th, 2024 in Hanoi, aims to encourage Vietnamese students to embrace STEM learning through immersive experience. This is the opportunity for “little scientists” to learn STEM topics through the immersive experience with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, while practicing their 21st century skills including project execution, collaboration and building their network with peers who share the same passion in STEM.

More details about the STEM creative contest can be found on the fan page of Panasonic Risupia Vietnam and showcased in this video.

The 2024 STEM Creative Contest is a part of the “Panasonic for Sustainable Schools”, a free-for-use social program launched by Panasonic Vietnam in April 2022. This program aims to increase opportunities in STEM for Vietnamese students with enriching STEM experiences that is aligned with Vietnam’s 2018 National General Education Program.

At the contest launching ceremony, Panasonic for Sustainable Schools also launched an immersive portal for STEM learning at AR/VR Digital Library for STEM Experiences by Panasonic Vietnam. Students have access to multiple STEM concepts through stimulating AR and VR immersion.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Do Hoang Son from Vietnam STEM Alliance, shared: “By fostering creativity in STEM and STEM experiences on Digital platform have opened a new approach to promoting STEM education in Vietnam, bringing STEM knowledge closer to students across Vietnam.”

KidsEdu, a pioneer in Augmented Reality for preschool STEM curriculum, applauds and supports the Panasonic 2024 STEM Creative Contest and encourages participation from our partner kindergarten teachers and students in the contest. We see this contest and the AR/VR Digital Library for STEM Experiences by Panasonic Vietnam as engaging, guided learning opportunities in STEM topics for preschool students thanks to age-relevant immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR). The Panasonic AR/VR Digital Library for STEM experiences truly offers opportunity for all Vietnamese students, teachers, schools, and parents to access and experience STEM in the most convenient way.

Source: Panasonic Vietnam website

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