“Earth Warriors” STEM & Robotics Festival at Phung Khoang Kindergarten

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On April 4, 2024, KidsEdu STEM Robotics co-organized the STEM and Robotic Festival on the theme “Earth Warriors” at Phung Khoang Kindergarten in Hanoi.

Together with the team of passionate preschool teachers from Phung Khoang Kindergarten, KidsEdu curriculum team defined an innovative way to introduce preschool students to the problems of climate change, global warming, increased greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and plastic waste in the oceans. By designing STEM and robotics learning activities around the theme of “Earth Warriors”, preschool students would step in the role of little warriors and guardians on a mission to protect the Earth from climate change problems, with support from their friends the robots.


The highlight of KidsEdu Robotics competition at “Earth Warrior” festival was when students competed in 2 preschool coding games: Trash-Collecting and Recycling Robot, and Caring for Wild Animal Robot. The competition required students to demonstrate their skills and sharp thinking to assemble robots and guide robots’ activities. In the first game, tasks included controlling the mTiny robot to collect waste, then taking the waste to the corresponding recycling bin.  In the second game, students learnt about drought, shortage of water to wild life, then guided the Antenna Baby robot to bring water to her Elk friend. Through these activities, preschool teachers and KidsEdu team highlighted a number of topics from the KidsEdu STEM curriculum and reinforced messages for preschool children to understand the interdependence of our surrounding environment and the various ecosystems supporting human life and wild life on our planet.


Phung Khoang Kindergarten students had great time coding Whalesbot robot and mTiny robot sets, using command cards that created algorithms to control the robots to perform actions in these games. Parents and teachers cheered their active participation in the Festival.

The KidsEdu STEM and Robotics festival “Earth Warriors” at Phung Khoang Kindergarten was the first of a series of preschool STEM and Robotics activities that will continue into the summer of 2024 across Vietnam, to promote deeper interest and engagement of preschool students in meaningful STEM and Robotics learning activities, preparing them to confidently move up to more robust STEM and Robotics learning at primary school level.

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