Viettel High Tech, OMT and KidsEdu sign MOU to bring Augmented Reality (AR) technology in preschool education

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Following the lasting positive impact of the pilot project supported by UNICEF Vietnam to introduce Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (“Extended Reality”, or XR) into preschool education during 2020-2021, Vietnamese edtech solutions providers OMT and KidsEdu have carried on work in this direction in a sustainable manner, by partnering with Vietnamese technology partners to enable the use of XR technology in schools on large scale and at low cost.

In the context of digital transformation taking place extensively in all aspects of Vietnamese society, many new technologies such as AI, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) have been introduced into everyday life at an astonishing speed. The familiarisation with technology for our future generations needs to start early. In 2021, the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training announced the digital competency framework for preschool children, thus creating a legal corridor for the digital transformation at the early childhood education level.

For children in preschool age, learning, practicing new skills and exploring the world happen mostly through play activities. Carefully curated technology, especially 3D technology, virtual reality technology, and 360-degree when introduced into the learning process of preschool children, has the potential to excite them, enable them to explore the world and discover new knowledge through activities.

On January 16, 2024, three parties: the Viettel High Technology Industry Corporation (Viettel High Tech), OMT and KidsEdu signed an MOU to jointly promote the use of Viettel High Tech’s EducationXR platform to develop 3D and XR content into preschool STEM curriculum.

With the advantage of EducationXR as a content creation platform that applies AR, VR, and 360-degree technologies without requiring users to know programming (no-code platform), preschool teachers now can easily design lectures and learning activities on EducationXR without the need for support from IT experts.

As a matter of fact, in just 4 months (September-December, 2023), a team of teachers and curriculum development experts from OMT and KidsEdu developed over 70 preschool STEM lessons with AR applications on the EducationXR platform, then shared them widely with the preschool teacher community throughout the country

The KidsEdu program expert team also designed and shared AR-enabled coloring books for preschool children. Without having to download any special apps, teachers, parents and children can now enjoy coloring a page, then use the phone to scan QR code on that page, to bring down a vivid AR model that children enjoy to play with.

Together, Viettel High Tech, OMT and KidsEdu strive to make preschool STEM lessons more engaging, with better learning outcomes, through innovative activities, like these  AR-enables learning activities.

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