Coding for preschool kids: A quick guide for parents

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At KidsEdu, we are routinely approached by Vietnamese parents with questions about STEM learning for preschool-age children, that are both theoretical and practical. Interestingly, our partner Whalesbot remarked to us about similar questions from many parents from elsewhere in the world. Below is a compilation of most frequently asked questions and answers that hopefully will guide how parents approach STEM education, specifically coding skills, for their children.

What is coding?

Coding, at its core, is the art of communicating with computers. It’s about providing instructions, in the form of code, to computers and machines to perform specific tasks, from the simplest function like displaying text to complex operations like artificial intelligence.

Why is coding important to my child?

We’re now in the year 2024; all over the world, we are now truly immersed in a digital world. Just as learning a new language can open doors, understanding the language of computers and machines can offer countless opportunities. Coding for kids is not just about future job prospects; it’s about teaching them to think logically, solve problems, and become creators in this digital age. 

My next question is, how specifically does coding benefit my child’s overall development?

  1. Develops Problem Solving Skills: When kids code, they break down complex tasks into smaller manageable parts, a vital skill in real-life situations.
  2. Boosts Creativity: Through coding, kids can bring their imaginations to life, whether it’s creating a game, an app, or programming a robot.
  3. Enhances Critical Thinking: Coding challenges kids to think logically and make decisions based on specific conditions, honing their critical thinking.
  4. Prepares for Future Careers: With technology infiltrating every sector, coding literacy can open doors to various career opportunities in the future.
  5. Promotes Continuous Learning: The dynamic nature of technology means there’s always something new to learn, instilling a lifelong learning mindset in kids.

I see My child is in kindergarten; where do I begin if I want to introduce him/her to coding?

  1. Age-Appropriate Coding Toys: For preschoolers, toys infused with basic coding concepts can be a good starting point. These toys often use coding blocks or coding cards to introduce foundational ideas in a hands-on, engaging way.
  2. Kindergarten with Coding-focused Curriculum and Coding Classes: Enrolling your child in kindergartens that offers quality STEM programs with focus on pre-coding and coding skills, like the KidsEdu STEM curriculum, or in coding camps or classes can be beneficial, especially if they show a keen interest. The KidsEdu STEM curriculum passed review  by, denoting both the pedagogical and technological quality assurance of the program.
  3. Invest in STEM Kits: STEM kits not only teach coding but also encompass broader STEM education, making learning comprehensive and exciting.
  4. Robotics: Introducing your child to robotics like the Whalesbot robotic learning activities within the KidsEdu STEM curriculum can be a way to make coding tangible and visually engaging.

KidsEdu recommends

Start with KidsEdu curriculum that introduces your child with age-specific, screen-free coding and robotics activities by award-winning makers like Whalesbot and more, like these free  AR-enabled coloring books for 3-5 years -old children.

Get in touch with us at KidsEdu by emailing to for more details.

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