Vietnam teams and speaker at the 2023 International Education Robot Development Forum, Wuzhen

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The 2023 Wuzhen International Education Robot Festival and ENJOY AI Global Final 2023   were held on December 9, 2023 in Wuzhen, the permanent venue of the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit and a famous historical town in China.

From China, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Ethiopia and other 20​​ countries and regions, over 15,000 Chinese and international student players gathered together to compete for the ENJOY AI 2023 global robotics championship. Over 50,000 staff, volunteers, referees, teachers, parents and technology elites participated in the event. Activities were carried out in three venues: Internet Light Expo Center, Wuzhen Internet International Convention and exhibition center and Wuzhen World Internet Science and Technology Museum. The ENJOY AI Global Final 2023 was featured on China’s national TV, CCTV-1: ENJOY AI Global Final 2023 on CCTV-1.

The Vietnam delegation, consisting of 30 contestants (15 teams), competed at primary school and lower secondary school levels. They proudly won 3 medals: first prize in lower secondary school category, 1st runner up in primary school category and a special prize for “Team with biggest learning curve”. See them in action here.

As part of the 2023 Wuzhen International Education Robot Festival and ENJOY AI Global Final, the “2023 International Education Robot Development Forum” and the “Youth STEM Global Education and Education Exploration Forum” were held concurrently. Speakers at the 2023 International Forum on Education Robotics highlighted the international collaboration efforts and countries’ best practices in creating innovative ecosystems to foster and accelerate STEM education at K-12 level. Speakers and audience also explored the trends and emerging key issues in Artificial Intelligence and robotic education.

Speaking at the Forum, Ms Dau Thuy Ha highlighted snapshots of STEM Education in Preschools and Primary Schools in Vietnam. Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training has recently introduced a digital literacy framework for all school levels, including preschool level and STEM subjects are becoming a significant component in Vietnam national school curriculum. At operational level, STEM education providers like KidsEdu (preschool STEM education provider) and One Space (primary and upper school STEM education provider) are striving to facilitate a pool of master STEM teachers and curriculum developers, designing pathways across STEM curriculum at all school levels and promoting more Vietnamese participation in international, regional communities of STEM, robotics schools and educators.

Ms. Ha’s presentation at the 2023 International Education Robot Development Forum can be found here.

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