Congratulatory letter from ISA to KidsEdu

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Dear KidsEdu Team,

I am writing to extend my sincere congratulations on behalf of International STEM Association ( for receiving a Reviewed™ distinction for your excellent KidsEdu program for early learners in Kindergarten.

Earning this prestigious review from the International STEM Association and recognizes the innovation, creativity, and dedication your team has put into developing a high-quality STEM education program for young students. Providing engaging and imaginative digital literacy education ranging from basic to advanced skills is no small feat, but your organization has stepped up to the challenge.

We are thrilled to collaborate with you and in advancing STEM education and are proud to bestow the Reviewed™ badge to your outstanding KidsEdu STEM program.  It is very meaningful for a Kindergarten digital literacy curriculum to receive this honor.

Congratulations again on this wonderful achievement!

We hope this distinction will help your program continue to grow and thrive in nurturing the minds of early learners and inspiring a passion for STEM learning. Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Dr. Hung P. Le


International STEM Association

(link to letter can be found here)

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