The world is changing rapidly, powered by advanced technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics/automation. Many jobs of today will be replaced by new types of jobs that do not even exist yet. Our education system that is tasked to grow the human resources for such a not-so-distant future, however, has barely changed.

With acute realization of such gap in the education system, especially at preschool level, the founding team of KidsEdu has dedicated themselves to bring a different approach to education in Vietnam. KidsEdu aims to equip children at a young age (3-6 years old) with critical thinking skills: creativity, analysis and problem solving, especially the computational thinking skills – the most important skills for them to succeed in the 21st century.

KidsEdu STEM preschool program” is the first output of the KidsEdu team. KidsEdu STEM program is a structured curriculum to help familiarize preschool children with STEM, specifically with computational thinking. Developed over 2 years by a team of experienced and passionate preschool curriculum designers and educational technology experts, the program has been piloted successfully at a number of preschools in Hanoi, assessed and endorsed for its pedagogical relevance by the Center for Early Childhood Education Research Center, Vietnam National Institute for Educational Sciences (VNIES) in April 2023. In August 2023, the KidsEdu’s STEM curriculum for preschools was approved by STEM.org for the prestigious STEM.org Reviewed™ badge. Link to the STEM.org Reviewed™ blockchain badge for KidsEdu STEM curriculum is here.”


M.A, Education

Chair of the Board, CEO Education and Investment JSC; former Northern Cluster Director, Vinschool Kindergarten System; member of the Curriculum Development Task Force, National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education, MOET, 2021-2023

Nguyen Phung Chau
M.A, Education

CEO, Merry Star preschool system; General Manager, BRIGHT STAR-T English Teaching Centers

Bui Thach Anh
M.A, Education

Principal, Merry Star preschool system

Nguyen Thi Thu
ECE expert

Preschool English program manager and Curriculum manager, Merry Star Bilingual Preschool, Hanoi, Vietnam


Dr. Tôn Quang Cường

Dean of Education Technology Faculty, University of Education, Vietnam National University


Director of Brewed Engagement Extended Reality Labs (BEER Labs), Australia; expert in the application of augmented reality to Vietnamese schools – project funded by UNICEF,  implemented by Vietnam Institute for Educational Sciences VNIES


At KidsEdu, we are strongly convinced that there are differences among people related to age, gender, culture, race, values, social status, and ability. We strive to work well with team members, partners, customers and other stakeholders who look, act, or think differently.

We are strong believers that education has the potential to deliver the biggest social impact to the community we live in and are serving.  The KidsEdu team is keen to use STEM education at preschool level to bridge the gap in digital skills among young children in Vietnam, regardless of their family background, ethnicity or geographical area. We strive to make young children confident with technology and ready to live, learn and work in a technology-enabled world.


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KidsEdu Education JSC

Address: No. 213B, Alley 82, Kim Ma Street,
Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Website: http://kidsedu.vn

Email: kidsedu@kidsedu.vn

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